Potkin, Williamowsky & Pillay, PLLC

The law firm of Potkin, Williamowsky & Pillay, PLLC (formerly Arness, Potkin & Williamowsky, PLLC) was formed in 2017 as the successor to Arness & Associates, PLLC (formed in 2008), which was the successor to Leibner & Potkin, P.C., formed in 1983 by Lane H. Potkin and Robert Leibner (now retired).

The firm focuses on all aspects of commercial and residential real estate law. Over the years, we have represented some of Washington D.C.’s largest and most well-known developers, assisting with the acquisition, development, leasing and financing of major commercial and residential projects. We also handle a high volume of smaller real estate matters, ranging from purchasing and financing single family homes and multi-family apartments to developing and leasing commercial and mixed-use projects. We have an expertise in condominium conversions, having been involved in the development of hundreds of condominiums in Washington, D.C. The firm also handles landlord-tenant matters, including TOPA matters, and business and entity formation and structuring.

We are affiliated with the title company of LP Title, LLC and in that capacity have an expertise in title matters and resolving complex title issues, as well as assisting in real estate settlements for single-family homes and large commercial properties.